December 2014

Wanícokan Wi — Moon When the Deer Sheds Their Horns

The  change of seasons is upon us - Ptanyetu (autumn).  During this season, we would prepare for the winter by gathering, drying, and storing food - primarily dried meat and fruit.  We would stockpile firewood and 
ready our camps to be prepared for winter.  
Our children would learn from us as we 
taught them how to do these things.    

Today it is very different. The land we once called home is no more.  We cannot hunt on the land to provide for our families.   
The water is too polluted with chemicals running off mines
 in the Sacred Black Hills.  The trees are few and far between.  
We grieve because looking over the physical and cultural landscape we are 
reminded of  how much we have been through as a people
and our struggle today…
New Hope Native American Mission is here to provide hope with the basics of food, clothing, and a relationship with the Living God.  
As a Lakota-founded and led non-profit, 501c3 organization,
 we bring hope to the Lakota 
of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation 
in South Dakota who struggle to survive 
                                in the poorest county in the United States.

 "With hope you can endure a lot of things..." Kurt Caddy

Click this link below to watch this YouTube video of 
an interview with Kurt Caddy, Director of University Ministries, 
by Hannah Fienhage about the work the 
Center for Global Connections is doing among 
our people on the Cheyenne River reservation.

Thanks to Kurt Caddy and SBU for their partnership!

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SBU work with Lakota people
On this segment of the Purple Plug-in, host Hannah Fienhage talks with Kurt Caddy, Director of University Ministries, about the Center for Global Connections work with the Lakota people. For more in...

Celebrating  Christmas

We are preparing to celebrate Christmas on the Cheyenne River reservation. We have the opportunity to provide Christmas meal boxes to our families for $25 per box.  These boxes will nourish a family with a traditional holiday meal and give them "new hope" during the Christmas season - these meals mean so much to families who are hard pressed to make a decision between providing food and paying their utility bills to stay warm during the winter months. 
You can use the "Donate" button below to make 
a secure, tax-deductible donation.

You can SHARE CHRISTMAS by sponsoring a family to receive one simple gift per person.   Click on the words SHARE CHRISTMAS    
below to learn more about sponsoring a family and making this Christmas a Merry Christmas for them!  
For many families, these gifts will be the only
 gifts they receive this Christmas.

Family Sponsorship

If you would like to help support New Hope Native American Mission, the best way you can do so is through a family sponsorship. You can join the sponsors who currently sponsor thirty-one families. Seventy-two families of the ninety families in Cherry Creek, South Dakota enrolled requesting family sponsorship during our enrollment this summer, so there are plenty of families who still need a sponsor!

For $20 per month, you or your church group/organization can sponsor a family.  

Follow the link below to learn more about 
family sponsorship and/or to sign-up.  
Thank you!


View the filmstrip below to learn more about Family Sponsorship including the "Totes of Hope" program. This filmstrip shows food and household items being distributed during two different 
Missions of Hope this year among the Lakota of Cherry Creek, SD 
on the Cheyenne River reservation and it shows some of the
 Lakota people in the community who do and would benefit from family sponsorship. 



Mail a check to:
New Hope Native American Mission
c/o Anthony Hanson
8549 Stable Drive
Piedmont, SD 57769

Keep up with how we are fulfilling our mission to provide the basic needs of food, clothing and a relationship with the Living God 
by clicking on any of the links below:

  • Reading our newsletter: New Hope News 

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Lakota Healing Song
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