August 2014

Wasúton Wi - Moon of the Harvest

Squash in Cherry Creek community garden
                                         Photo credit: J Greer

The  summer is upon us, Blokétu, a time of renewed growth.  
 Living in the tradition of our grandfathers and grandmothers, we would have followed the buffalo - hunting and gathering. Each member of our family would contribute to camp life.  The children would learn from their elders the skills needed to provide for one another.  The people would gather to hold important ceremonies -all the while honoring our Creator's provision for us.   

Today it is very different. The land we once called home is no more.  
We can’t even hunt on our own land for food. 
The water is too polluted with chemicals running off mines
 in the Sacred Black Hills.  The trees are few and far between.  
We grieve because looking over the physical and cultural landscape we are 
reminded of  how much we have been through as a people
and our struggle today…
                                            Photo credit: E Hornbostel        

New Hope Native American Mission is here to provide hope with the basics of food, clothing, and a relationship with the Living God.  
As a Lakota-founded and led non-profit, 501c3 organization,
 we bring hope to the Lakota 
of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation 
in South Dakota who struggle to survive 
                                in the poorest county in the United States.
Gardens of Hope 2014

The Gardens of Hope for 2014 are yielding produce!  

A Mission of Hope team from Southwest Baptist University helped plant  3 community gardens and 18 individual family gardens in May.  A Mission of Hope team from Cathedral of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church helped us weed the community garden in Cherry Creek which helped the plants thrive!  The community garden in Cherry Creek survived a hailstorm early on.  We had plenty of rain early in the growing season which helped the plants to become well-established.  We have been able to repair our irrigation system for this community garden so we could help it continue to grow during the hot summer weather.    

Volunteers in the community of Cherry Creek are helping irrigate, weed and harvest the community garden.  The families in the communities of Bridger, Cherry Creek and Takini on the Cheyenne River reservation are looking forward to many meals from the gardens.  

These gardens are so important!  The fresh produce families harvest supplements their monthly food budget and improves the nutritional quality of their diets.  When children are home from school in the summer, it is even more difficult for parents to provide for their food needs.  

Thank you to all who have donated toward and worked in the gardens this summer!  

Summer of Hope 2014

Thank you to team members who shared photos! 
Photo credits are indicated by initials in the picture description.
 E Hornbostel (EH), L Sappington (LS),  K Stewart (KS), K Cannon (KC), 
R Brown (RB), J Greer (JG), Church of the Open Door (COD) 
and Anthony Hanson (AH)

New Hope Center Update - August 2014

The New Hope Center is the building centrally located in the photo above 
in the heart of the community of Cherry Creek 
on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota!

The New Hope Center will benefit the people of 
Cheyenne River reservation in these ways:

  •  offer fun, healthy activities for the youth in a safe, warm place off the streets
  • food distribution site for monthly "Totes of Hope"supplemental food program
  • an emergency shelter in times of crisis
  • an art center for elders to teach native crafts
  • an education center for tutoring and skills training
  • a base of operations for Missions of Hope

Thanks to the following groups for the work done so far this summer at the New Hope Center!

Southwest Baptist University - volleyball court

Beck's Baptist Church - weatherized skirting

Church of the Open Door/Earlham Church of Christ - 
wheelchair ramp construction

Earlham Church of Christ - storage shed construction

We  continue to work on preparing the New Hope Center 
to open fully.  Thanks to generous donors the water works installation is fully funded.  We are waiting on the installation of the water lines.  The water works and sewer works are two separate works to be completed.  We need funding to have the sewer works installed. Your tax deductible donation of any amount can be made to help us open the New Hope Center by clicking below.  Thank you!

Mail a check to:
New Hope Native American Mission
8549 Stable Drive
Piedmont, SD 57769

To learn more about our vision for the New Hope Center click the picture 
below.  This picture features the group from Earlham Church of Christ 
who constructed a storage building for the New Hope Center

                                          Photo supplied by: J Greer
Keep up with how we are fulfilling our mission to provide the basic needs of food, clothing and a relationship with the Living God 
by clicking on any of the links below:

  • Reading our newsletter: New Hope News 
                        Published: August 11, 2014

                        Published: August 6, 2014         

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